Savvy shopper? Today, it’s practically impossible not to be. Money saving websites like Money Saving Expert and voucher sites such as Groupon, Voucher Cloud and upcoming Goodypass are increasing in popularity all the time. Nobody wants, or expects, to pay full price for anything and with the increase in VAT and rising inflation rates it’s… Read Article →

Dear Member, We’ve been sending out e-mails every week to remind you of our imminent closure, but this week we are saying our final farewell. Clichéd it may be, but Swop2Shop really has had a rollercoaster ride these past 16 months. We have seen the birth of this brilliant idea, felt the adrenaline rush as… Read Article → Peter Madden tracks our future transactions In a couple of decades’ time, money as we know it may no longer exist. Banks and bills could be a distant memory; national currencies may no longer hold sway; and bartering – of products, services and time – may be back in fashion. Hard cash is already… Read Article →

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